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Hi there... I'm Destiny!

I've been a licensed esthetician since 2008, and in business since 2017.  Lashes and beauty are my passion.  As a teenage girl, I dreamed of having a career in beauty (...and I got in trouble often for getting into my mom's makeup.)  Now I have that career doing what I love best!


    The focus at my studio is to be able to just wake up and go.

Lashes of course are my number one service. It is amazing how they add a polished look to the face. And their are plenty of options for lashes from most natural to full and bold. Top that with well shaped brows with a tint if desired to really bring that instagram glam to the eyes. I like to finish everything off by providing skin care services. With my skin care services I focus on brightening the complexion and adding hydration so little to no makeup is needed. Imagine...beautiful lashes, shaped brows and glowing skin.  You can truly just wake up and go!

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